In today’s fast-paced world, while the needs of companies continue to evolve, demand for high-performing executives remains constant. Searching for the very best talent to create a successful leadership team requires a smart, thoughtful approach. Sageview Executive Search, a division of  Sageview Consulting, has the expertise and experience to navigate this challenging landscape. Our executive search experts work with organizations throughout the country to find exactly the right leaders to fill their top executive positions.

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Sageview’s commitment to identifying people with the right skills, experience and attitude is unmatched.

With offices across the nation, we have a proven track record of strategically identifying and recruiting premier talent from all over the country. Our expert executive search consultants do so by working closely with clients and colleagues to identify candidates with the specialized skills and experience needed to precisely fulfill a client’s search. Sageview Executive Search uses an expansive network of industry leaders across a wide variety of sectors to find those that best fit the open position.

The executive search process follows these well-proven guidelines to ensure a smooth and successful hiring process:

Establishing Search Criteria

This is the initial step in a successful executive search. A member of the Sageview Executive Search team will meet with the client and other stakeholders to determine the skills, knowledge, and abilities required for the role. We offer professional guidance and fresh perspectives that might even reshape the way a company perceives fulfillment of the role.

Determining search strategy

Considering the level and scope of the position, Sageview Executive Search will always yield the most successful search strategy and candidates. To help shape our strategy, one of the features of our prospect identification process is to combine key data points such as location and culture.

Customizing for Culture

We’ve found that a companies unique culture is a key element in this analysis.  Working with you, we will customize our search to identify individuals who share your company’s attitudes and values, as well as those with the skills and experience needed for the position.

Evaluating Candidates

Once the search is launched, Sageview Executive Search uses an expansive network of industry leaders across a wide variety of sectors to find those that who fit the  position. Our team will contact prospective candidates and thoroughly evaluate them to determine if they meet the primary requirements of the executive role including the verification of academic achievements, professional accreditation, and licenses.

After comprehensive evaluation, Sageview will then present the strongest candidates in order for clients to move forward with the interview process.

Concluding the Search

Once the most qualified candidate has been selected, our executive search experts will stay in close communications with both parties to ensure a smooth transition and a positive working relationship on both ends.

We provide comprehensive executive search services for non-profit organizations

Today, non-profit organizations are rapidly evolving with a mission centered around creating meaningful impact. Yet many face challenges while trying to promote their cause, including fewer resources and increasing turnover in key positions. In addition to doing “good work,” non-profit organizations and their leaders must be able to create an environment of change, while motivating others to understand, accept and join their cause.

Non-profit organizations acknowledge that their greatest challenges are raising enough funds to accomplish their mission, building public trust, staffing, managing donor expectations, obtaining the technology needed for their mission and complying with state or federal requirements for their organization.  Sageview Consulting offers executive search for non-profit leaders to help organizations of all sizes achieve success.

 We understands the most important qualities that a great non-profit executive should display:

  • Passion for the organization’s mission: A quality non-profit leader strongly believes in the organization’s mission and is driven by its important goals each day.

  • Leadership: The best non-profit organizations that have the best and strongest leaders are those who help their professional lay leaders maximize their highest potential
  • Collaboration: A successful leader will know how to actively listen to others, consider various viewpoints and work with others to reach common goals.

  • Trustworthiness: Non-profit leaders must be trusted to lead the mission with total transparency and ethical practices.  

  • Financial skills: Those in charge of non-profit organizations must be knowledgeable in finances, budgeting, and recognize financial opportunities.

  • Perspective: A strong leader should be able to look outside of the box, consider the changing needs and social conditions of the company, and come up with creative ways to ensure that the company continues to create community value.

  • Persistence:  A strong leader should be able to persevere through difficult times or organization setbacks.

  • Ability to motivate themselves and others: The unique quality of inspiring others and ignite their passion for the same cause is so crucial to maintaining an organizations high morale.

Extensive Experience in Non-Profit Searches

We specialize in Executive Search for non-profit organizations. Our team of experts can locate and identify non-profit leaders with the confidence, ability, foresight, energy and strength to lead your team and help them reach their fullest potential. Sageview Consulting has worked closely with those in the non-profit sphere, as well as for profit over the past 10 years to place top candidates in executive roles within these organizations.  Our in-depth knowledge and experience in this field allows us to use our resources to ensure a smooth search and hiring process.

First, we establish your desired search criteria to determine the skills, knowledge, and abilities required for the specific challenges of your non-profit. Then we create a customized search strategy, guaranteed to yield successful candidates. Next, we scan an expansive network and our database to find prospective candidates. We contact them, and verify their qualifications to determine if they fit the needed role within your organization. Once we conclude our search, Sageview will only present you with the finest candidates that we believe exemplify a strong, non-profit executive.

Our expert consultants take pride in the intricate database of prominent professionals that has been cultivated internally. We are successful connectors and have unprecedented access to top candidates and open positions through our comprehensive network of contacts.